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There are many tricks to spice up your sex life - drugs, toys, lingerie... but the most enjoyable, safe, and satisfying way is for you and your partner to indulge in a good Role Playing Fantasy.  If you are bored or uninspired about your sex life, or just curious about what it would be like to play sexual make-believe and blur the line between fantasy and reality, you have come to the right place!

Role Playing is defined as An instance or situation in which one deliberately acts out or assumes a particular character or role.  Sounds easy enough, but where do you start?  What role should you play?  Suggesting the idea to your partner can be a potentially embarrassing situation.  We can help!


RolePlayingFantasies.com was developed as a sexual fantasy resource, where users can play and share their fantasies.  Each game is divided into a general plot, as well as an individual detailed script for "him" and for "her", so that you can play out your fantasies in the most realistic way possible.

Explore our site and find your favorite fantasies based on category or costume, or use our search feature above to find a game to play.  You will add an unfamiliar sexual energy to your love-making, and you will thank us later!

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